Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Some unwanted time off and back to my two sewing machine friends... some may dispute that in my household!  I have previously and am again working on leggings and I will be revealing something new and different in the near future, oh and a video.

If you're new to my blog, my label Hooked On You, is about simplicity and thinking outside the square. Applying suspender clips to stockings can be so frustratingly fiddly and awkward, frankly who could be bothered? Must be why stay-up stockings were invented.


I won't bore you too much, but from information I could gather it looks like suspender belts have been around since the beginning of the 20th century and reached popularity in the 1940's. The first Nylon stockings were sold across American stores in 1940, with women lining up to buy their precious pair.

1940, exciting times - a woman putting on her new nylons then and there! 

Women wore sturdy suspender belts with metal clips to hold their stockings up. In principle the suspender clip has remained the same. The vintage suspender clips were made to last, although still a fiddly nightmare to attach to stockings. Today's suspender clips are smaller, unreliable and ping off, are fiddlier to attach and some are made of hard plastic and snap when trying to secure over the rubber nub.

1940's vintage and today's suspender clips

I wanted  to offer women an easier alternative to the fiddly suspender suspender clip.
Copied from 'My Story' at www.hookedonyou.com.au

The romantic story of Hooked On You started many years ago, during an evening get together with friends. At that time, I had no idea one of our conversations would inspire and lead me to come up with the innovative  suspender ring.
It was months later, a store mannequin wearing suspenders caught my eye and I remembered thinking how right my friends were, the suspenders did look sexy, however trying to attach fiddly suspender clips to stockings is a difficult procedure, involving a few backbreaking attempts to get it right, or risk repeating the process all over again. The suspender ring is an attractive, easy, simple and reliable alternative to the suspender clip and is available in four flattering, interchangeable colours (gold, silver, dark silver and black).
Our suspender ring has a spring loaded, inward opening arm and loops effortlessly through both the suspender strap and our stocking's decorative ribbon and rhinestone embellishment, offering level straps and a secure hold with minimal fuss. The ring should be detached for before washing the suspenders and stockings.
Whilst researching the worlds most luxurious women's lingerie, in particular stockings, I found all thigh high stocking brands had a lack of consistency in sizing and the height and weight scale provided on the packaging was inaccurate. Even if women are the same height and weight, their leg size and shape can vary considerably.  I made it my mission, to be able to offer women a selection of sizes, so I came up with a solution and created a new, true to size measuring chart, to ensure the right fit. Our beautiful European thigh high stockings are available in 4 sizes. View full sizing chart under 'sizing' in Stockings (click on Stockings, click on picture, click on sizing and 'view full sizing chart' is listed below calculate my size).
Exploring the unlimited world of creative options, I came up with a small range of exclusive intimate wear.
First and foremost, I created Hooked On You to offer women a reliable and unique range of sensual, comfortable intimate wear, as every woman deserves to look and feel sexy.

My easy to attach suspender ring 

Thank you for reading my blog and please spread the word about my exclusive suspender rings.

Kind regards
Ingrid Rosemeyer

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