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Sorry I couldn't help myself, I found this post on the internet and Eliza's loooong answer to Miss L's question was rather humorous. 

How do you attach suspender belts to stockings?? pleasssse help!?

  • Miss L asked 

bought a corset with belts attached to it, i want to attach it to stocking.... how does it work??

(ive never worn anything sexy before!!) lol

Additional Details

i cant seem to open any of the four clips??

i must be doing something wrong...
theres a ribbon, then clip then another ribbon... the clip is on a sheet of rubber.... is this right??

howww do u open the clip?


Best Answer

    Elisa answered
OK. Put on your corset and get it so the belts hand down from it. Don't lace it up tight yet. Put on your stockings and see how high the top of the stockings are. The top usually have a band that has more fabric and is a bit more durable than the sheer nylon elsewhere on the stocking. Make sure the little straps from the suspender hang down so that the clips are a little bit above the top of the stockings, I'd guess maybe about two inches on the front straps. You want the clips on the belt to be a bit above the stocking because you will need to pull it down to the stocking to clip it on so they provide the tension to pull the stocking up when you are done. The ones in the back will need to hang higher from the back of the stocking. The straps on the back will need to be adjusted so they are longer than the front ones. You need to get them to go over your tush, which is longer than just going straight down in the front. Because they are longer, you need to stretch them more to get the same tension in the strap, which is why you also want the longer straps in the back to hang higher above the top of the stocking than the front ones. I would guess the ones in the back might need to be like 4 inches above the top of the stocking. The first time you do this, you might be playing and adjusting this thing for a while to get it just right. Then you just leave the straps alone.

Now you can lace up the corset and then put on the clips. Or you can cheat and put the clips on, adjust position of your corset and lace it up. I usually cheat.

The clip usually is a metal piece with what looks like a key hole. The other piece is usually a piece of flexible plastic, like silicone rubber. It has a round button sticking out on it. How it works is the round button goes into the larger hole in the metal flat and then slide into the slot. To open it, you just slide the rubber button out to the hole and it comes out. So open up the clip by sliding the rubber part out of the flat metal clip. Pull the strap down to the top band of your stocking. Put the rubber/plastic part on the inside. There should be a little piece of satin ribbon or some fabric too on the inside so your skin doesn't rest right against the plastic. Then you bring the metal clip on the outside on top, over the stocking now covering the round plastic button. Push the button with the stocking on top into the hole in the metal hole and slide it into the slot. It should kind of tight and might be harder to do now that there's extra material, but you shouldn't rip anything. That's why the thing is made of silicone and the top of the stocking is heavier. Bring the little flaps ribbon or whatever they happen to be made and cover up the clips. Do this for all the straps. The ones behind you are kind of a pain, by the way. It takes a contortionist to do them sometimes. When you have all the clips on, just adjust things to get them to sit right and pull up your stocking evenly.

I think that's pretty much it. If your clip works some other way, then I have no idea. I've only see the kind that I described.
                                                                                                            Hmmm...  flat pack furniture instructions are easier to understand than Elisa's answer!

Is there an easy way to attach the back straps of a suspender belt to your stockings girls??

  • Claire asked call me thick? But I've just bought a really nice chimise type thing to wear for my b/f...has attached suspenders and I've bought lace top stockings. Now, fitting the little straps at the front to the stocking tops is's when I come to try and attach the back ones!!! I just can't seem to get the hook over the little circle thing.......(sorry for lack of technical terms!) there an easy way?..........weird question I know but not much use if can't get the back ones done too!!!! HELP girls.
Robin answered

It's a nightmare, I try leaning backwards but that can be a little dangerous.

It takes practise but my god, when I first had to try it i spent about an hour trying to get it done up and was thorwing a tantrum by the time i was finished. not sexy!
Christina answered 

Not in my experience, it helps to have a supple back and good balance! All I do is pull the stockings up, and then twist round trying to bend down and around. It is very fiddly and it often takes me several attempts to get them straight. Sorry, it's not better advice, keep practicing or do what I do now and that's wear hold ups most of the time.
                                                                                                              Maybe Robin thought Claire was putting a straight jacket on...... this is funny stuff!

This is how the suspender ring works 
(I will post a video soon) 

Our exclusive suspender rings have an inward opening arm and the stockings have a looped ribbon and diamante embellishment. Simply feed the suspender rings through the suspender straps and the ribbon loop on the stockings and vuala, it's that simple!

Remove the suspender rings, before washing your lingerie.

We have cute little gold embossed Hooked On You gift bags. Feed one through a suspender ring... a very intimate way to give a gift.

Sam, our beautiful model, is my daughter's facebook friend. I can't believe we found her on facebook. When I asked her if she would consider modelling my lingerie label, she said, "Ingrid, I trust you and I would love to, but are you sure you want me?" The pictures speak for! 
On the day of the photo shoot Sam was intrigued with the suspender rings and couldn't believe how easy and how fast they were to attach to the stockings and she loved the sassy look they gave to her legs. 
During the photo shoot, Sam changed suspender rings so many times, from black to silver and then gold and every time I turned to help her, she had already done so, quickly and effortlessly, even with her beautiful, long acrylic fingernails.

Thank you Sam, you were a joy to work with.
Without my family and friends, non of this would have been possible and I love you all. :)
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Please check out my website, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me, 
Kind regards 
Ingrid Rosemeyer :)
+Hooked On You

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