Saturday, November 2, 2013


Over the last couple of years I have heard so many stories about suspender clips. I must admit some of them have been pretty funny, but seriously how frustrating must it be when you spend ages trying to attach suspender clips to stockings?

Some women have had their night ruined by back pain, trying to attach the back suspender clips and if you've got long acrylic nails.... forget it! It's difficult enough keeping the plastic clip (the metal ones are better) in place at the front of the stocking, while your fingers have to push the rubber raised bit tight against the underside of the stockings, if you had long finger nails, you probably would have ripped through your stocking at this stage and if you were fortunate enough to have your stockings in tact then all the best of luck sliding the metal clip up over the stocking covered rubber bit. It can take quite a few attempts, but if you manage on your first attempt, then rejoice!

 If you haven't centered the straps properly, the clips have to be unclipped and redone. Does anyone have any energy left, let alone attaching the back suspender clips?

Then, when all are attached, try not to sit or bend forward too much because the back suspender clips will most likely ping off!

The vintage styles are stronger and will hold for longer but not everyone wants vintage. My Mother told me she always had to reattach a back suspender at some stage of the day or night and the occasional front one, back in the 1960's

I recently found this complaint.

Why Won't These Damn Things Stay On?

September 16, 2010 5:51 AM    Subscribe

What am I doing wrong with my garters and stockings?

I like wearing the old fashioned kinds of garter belt with the clips (plastic) with thigh-high stockings. However, they only stay clipped on for a little while before I'll bend or move too much and they'll snap off and I have to reattach them. It happens more on the back ones than the front. Why?

Here are some possibilities I thought of:

- the fabric on the stocking top is too thick for the clip
- the garters aren't long enough (I put them at the longest length)
- the garter belt and the stockings aren't meant for each other (garter belt from some store online, thigh highs from Duane Reade)
- the garter belt is super cheap and wouldn't stay clipped onto anything

Is there a special technique to gartering? Are there better ones to buy that don't have these problems? Should I try metal ones? I'm willing to spend money if there is a significant difference. Any brand or type recommendations?

I feel her frustration!


Was there a need to do something about this? I think so, anyway I think a change is great!

That's why I came up with the innovative suspender ring, some sass for your legs! They are so easy to attach to my tagged stockings and  are so reliable and wont come off until you want them to.

The stockings have a decorative, permanent ribbon and diamante embellishment. This acts as a guide for the suspender ring, which has an inward opening arm and will definitely hold secure until you remove them.

The centred embellishment adds a pretty finishing touch to Hooked On You's thigh high and stay up range. No more fiddling and adjusting, our suspender straps will always stay level! Our stay up stockings can be worn with or without a suspender belt.

The suspender rings are available in 4 different interchangeable colours: gold, silver, gunmetal and black to compliment your lingerie and jewelry accessories.

Thank you for the great feed back, it's been crazy, in a good way and for those of you that haven't experienced Hooked On You's suspender rings and would like to ask some questions, please email me on 

Thanks and kind regards
Ingrid Rosemeyer

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