Saturday, November 2, 2013


A couple of months ago I packed up my car with my lingerie samples, mannequin and props and hit the road to Melbourne, a long 725km drive to their 3 day fashion trade show, Fashion experience I will never forget.

I had to leave on a Friday to set up my stall the next day, ready to display my Hooked On You label for the Sunday trade show. I had planned on leaving early, but somehow my best laid plans came undone and I finally left at 4.00pm. As I was driving, my mind was going over everything I had packed and I was hoping I had listed everything and missed nothing. I made peace with myself after leaving the traffic behind, taking in the scenery of country South Australia, listening to my favourite music and feeling relaxed I was excited about my road trip adventure!

As I crossed the South Australian border into Victoria, the sun was going down and I could see the odd kangaroo and rabbits feeding on the side of the road. I was praying a roo (short for Kangaroo) wouldn't appear on the road. A big red kangaroo can stand over 6ft in height and can cause quite a bit of damage to a car travelling at 100km/hr. Before nightfall I was overtaking trucks and road trains (trucks with double rigs) with a feeling, I had the road to myself. However, as darkness fell I didn't want the prospect of a Kangaroo jumping out and in front of my car, so I decided to keep a safe distance behind a truck and hoped (definitely not wished for), if there was anything on the road the truck would hit it first.

At 1.00am my GPS finally found the apartment! The next morning at 9.00, I had to battle my way through Melbourne's traffic and unfamiliar roads to the Exhibition Centre. My GPS kept telling me I had reached my destination but all I could see was the Convention Centre. The map I had been given didn't make any sense to me, so I drove around the block a few times and for the life of me, I couldn't see the Exhibition Centre! Eventually I pulled in to the front of the Convention Centre, only to be told I was an unauthorised vehicle and must leave... now! He was annoyed and wouldn't let me speak. I drove around the block one more time desperately looking for the Exhibition Centre and again back to the Convention Centre, where my GPS had again told me, I had reached my destination! A taxi driver got out of his car and approached mine, having witnessed my hasty exit, he asked me if I was lost as he saw my South Australian plates. He told me to follow him (it was complicated and I would never have found it, nor did my GPS!). He delivered me to the unloading dock at the back of the Exhibition Centre and wished me the best of luck..... he was so kind and restored my faith in humanity!

I was given a safety vest and trolley, found my stall and unloaded my car and began setting up. The Exhibition Centre was a place of chaos, with clothes racks whizzing by, electricians setting up lighting, forklifts driving up and down the aisles, and people unpacking and setting up. A lovely lady by the name of Severine, a business development manager for Fashion Exposed came by to introduce herself. I had previously spoken to Severine on the phone and she knew this was my first trade show. I set up my stall just like the, 'to scale model' I had created at home! Severine gave me some tips and 6 hours later I had finished setting up and was exhausted.

To my surprise a dear friend of mine, Mandy phoned  me and wanted to know if there was a spare bed in the apartment I was staying at and if I needed help! A couple of hours later, Mandy was on a plane and I was so glad she was there to support me.

The next morning Mandy and I followed my not so trusted GPS's instructions to the trade show. We met a friend of mine, Alexandra who lives in Melbourne and who was kind enough to also help me on the Sunday. The chaos from the day before was gone and Melbourne's Fashion Exposed was ready to open. I was so excited! 

Over the next two days there were fashion shows, media and so many people from all corners of the world visiting the trade show. We handed out leaflets, met and chatted to many interesting people and I was so happy to be able to show off my lingerie designs and my new concept, the suspender ring. Thanks to Mandy, I was able to leave my stall and attend a few fashion seminars. My favourite seminar was Alex Perry's, an Australian fashion designer and I was inspired by his life story and work ethic.

Hooked On You at 
Melbourne's Fashion Exposed, 2013.

Fashion Designer and Celebrity
Alex Perry at the trade show. 

With Mandy (on the right) at the
Fashion Exposed cocktail party.

Thank you Alexandra and Mandy for your time and support.
I met some amazing people at Melbourne's Fashion Exposed and had the time of my life!

Kind regards
Ingrid Rosemeyer :)

+suspender rings

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